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James has led a life dedicated to health and fitness. After serving in the U.S NAVY as a   Command Fitness Leader for 12 years, he left the Navy and earned his bachelor’s degree in Sport and Fitness with Coaching and became a Certified Personal Trainer.


Because of his military and sporting background, James has a love for team-building and group training.  Spending time outdoors is a something he learned to love growing up in the country and mountains of Virginia.


He believes deeply in always striving to improve himself, both academically and physically, and is committed to helping anyone who wishes to do the same.



Donnaye has an extensive background in sport, such as Athletics, Football, Handball & Basketball, and it was a cornerstone for his development in confidence and leadership.  He earned a bachelor’s degree in Sport and Fitness and is a Certified Personal Trainer.


Team sports helped him develop an understanding of how being part of a team can help bring out the best in people. He plans to use the skills he learned during his years of sporting competition to create challenging and enjoyable fitness experiences for those in his community.


"No matter the cards dealt, you can win the game of life". A personal quote Donnaye lives by every day and one that can inspire many others who wish to kickstart their fitness journey.

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