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At UKBC, our mission is simple: To train, teach, and transform people from all walks of life so that you become a stronger and better version of yourself. We do this by creating communities that encourage positive, healthy change through outdoor fitness.


At UKBC, we are driven by three values:

Transcendence…We believe we can become so much more than what we could ever believe.

Teamwork…We believe two people working together can accomplish 4 times the work.


Tenacity…Anything is possible if you refuse to quit. Don’t give up...don’t ever give up!

Intense Workout


This is a great place to add a tagline.

At UKBC, we promise to:

Respect everyone…no matter their professional, educational, or functional status.

Provide current and accurate information…about fitness and nutrition trends and techniques.

Create an environment that is both challenging to you, both physically and mentally, while always ensuring you are safe and cared for.


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